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Energy Reflexology | Holistic Healing for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Women's Health

About my clinic

I celebrate the diverse phases of a woman's life journey. I understand that women's health is a holistic and ever evolving process, influenced by various factors, including fertility, pregnancy, menopause, the monthly cycle as well as stress release and mental wellbeing at any age.

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Monthly Cycle Harmony

Combining the healing modalities of reflexology and Reiki, pain and discomfort associated with the monthly cycle for girls and women is relieved.

Through targeted reflexology techniques and the channeling of positive energy with Reiki, I offer a holistic approach that soothes physical discomfort while promoting emotional balance. This combination not only alleviates menstrual symptoms but also supports overall well-being, helping individuals navigate their monthly cycles with greater ease and comfort.

Fertility and Conception

Modern life's stress impacts health and fertility on both women and men.

Reflexology helps to achieve a very deep state of relaxation.

Research shows that on average 50% of reflexology clients conceive within six months as hormones are balanced.

Reflexology addresses emotional and physical aspects, easing stress linked to fertility challenges. Sessions induce relaxation, enhancing fertility, and addressing reproductive health concerns. Reflex points target systems, organs, and glands tied to conception.


Reflexology increases the health and wellbeing of the mother-to-be and provides a comforting and nurturing environment for both mother and baby. If you experience any discomfort, reflexology helps ease this.

Lyndall Mollart, midwife and reflexologist conducted research in the field and explains: “Case studies have shown that women who have frequent sessions of reflexology throughout their pregnancies have beautiful births and their babies are more settled as they experience the benefits of reflexology too. Babies breastfeed better. Even women who have had a caesarean section seem to recover quicker” 

Reflexology can help ease the following:Morning Sickness - Lower Back Pain - Pubis Symphyses - Sleeplessness - Constipation - Fluid Retention in feet and ankles - And More 

Is Reflexology safe in the first trimestre? YES, a qualified reflexologist knows to adjust the treatment to support you where it is needed.

Menopause Support

Menopause is not an illness; it is a natural phase in your life.

Biological changes start with Peri-Menopause, transitioning into Menopause and then Beyond Menopause which is another phase in your life. Symptoms can be mild or severe. 

During menopause, reflexology helps to regulate hormones and the body's glandular functions. It helps to balance both physical and emotional systems, as well as easing hot flushes, sleep disturbances, stress and anxiety, improving moods.

When menopausal symptoms stop, your mind and body are still in a different stage and reflexology supports that even further.