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Energy Reflexology | Holistic Healing for Mind, Body, and Spirit


Feet | Hands | Facial | Ears

Reflexology is for all human beings from conception to the last day of our time on this planet, supporting transition leaving the planet.

As a practitioner, I have witnessed firsthand the profound benefits that regular foot reflexology, facial reflexology, and auricular therapy can bring to my clients' overall wellbeing. These powerful techniques ease stress and rebalance the whole body as well as calm the mind.

Depending on your needs, the techniques are used individually or are combined for further support


Working on the feet, more than 7000 nerve endings, blood and lymph circulation are stimulated.

As the nervous system is activated the energy field is harmonized, easing stress and anxiety, enabling balance in the physiological processes. The improved flow of blood and lymph circulation allows for the removal of waste materials and toxins, creating more space for essential nutrients carried in the blood to reach all cells and tissues more easily. This increased flow can lead to a range of positive physiological effects, including improved immune function, reduced inflammation, and enhanced tissue repair and regeneration.

Reflexology Lymph Drainage is included in most treatments to support cellular health


There are two Facial Reflexology methods:

*Dien Chan, created by Professor Bùi Quôc Châu, inspired by Traditional Chinese and Vietnamese medicinal systems

*Sorensensistem, created by Lone Sorensen, inspired by both Eastern and South American methods as well as neuro-anatomy

Tools may be used during a treatment, but not needles.

Facial Reflexology is comprehensive and treats more than just the skin. Working on facial zones and neurological points affect the brain's areas responsible for the regulation of all organs, which helps rebalance the body. The face has a vast network of blood vessels, nerves and acupuncture meridians. Accessing this supports many health benefits.

Facial Muscle Stimulation

Bell's Palsy, nerve damage, muscle weakness, Trigeminal nerve dysfunction (chewing, speech, swallowing...)

Here is an incredible example of the power of Facial Reflexology

This woman had nerve damage during a brain surgery to remove a tumour. This resulted in Facial Paralysis. Four months after she had surgery, she started Facial Reflexology treatments. After 17 treatments over 10 months, the results show in the photos:

Facial paralysis
Facial paralysis improvement with facial reflexology

             After the 1st Treatment

             After the 3rd Treatment

  After 17 Treatments | 10 months later


Auricular therapy is a traditional system. In modern days, French neurologist Paul Nogier created the body projections on the ears.

BENEFITS of Reflexology (feet, face and ears) can help with

Conception - Pregnancy - Menopause - Stress and Anxiety - Improve Mood Levels - Sleep - Fatigue - Bladder Issues - Respiratory System - Digestive System - Headaches and Migraines - and much more

Auricular therapy also helps reduce cravings and ease addictions