I can hear you! “Where is the person I remember? I have hit menopause, and everything seems to have changed!”

Everything is travelling ‘south’, and this includes the skin around the eyes and mouth.

What doesn’t help is that the media puts older people, especially women, in a negative light as if we suddenly don’t exist anymore. Younger people are associated with beauty and vitality as well as sexuality. Older people are portrayed as grumpy, unhappy with little energy.

What are we to do with this! I know, you and I don’t feel like that! I am still full of energy and happy with my activities and outlook on life. Inside, I still feel like I am 35/40, others don’t necessarily see that though.

I now also realize that before I got here, I was also one those who didn’t understand ageing. I now look at younger people admiring their beautiful, healthy, plump facial features. No sagging, no wrinkles! Do they know this? No, of course they don’t. I can now see they don’t as I have been there, and I have now crossed this invisible line that changes everything!

I have discovered how to refresh facial features so that I AM HAPPY AND COMFORTABLE WITH THEM! I look the best I can naturally and, looking in the mirror, I recognize myself and feel good about it!

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