Multi approach to treatments

Each session focusses on what you need on the day

Relax | Refresh | Refocus

Body and Mind


I have a multi approach to working with you so you benefit in the best possible way.

Here is what has been said:

“For me, Anne has been, in the real sense of the words, a life saver.”

“I felt like a new woman after only one session with Anne.”

“I feel subtle yet noticeable shifts in energy and emotional wellbeing this morning.”


Treatments focus on the requirements of the day. This includes reducing the stress held in the body as well as promoting the elimination of waste materials.

A treatment is like a car tune up, where all parts and fluids are cleaned, flushed and replaced with healthier components. The body wants to be well and responds accordingly.

The lymphatic system flushes excessive fluids, waste materials and toxins more efficiently. This leaves room for nutrients to flow to all cleared cells through stimulated blood circulation, and there are trillions of them. Nerve cells are also activated sending signals through the nervous system to the brain and back to the relevant organ.

As cells are healthier, all organs, glands and muscles function in a more balanced way and respond to ease pain and tension leading to a body that is stronger and healthier thus improving quality of life.

Healthy Cells & Nutrition

The treatments support cellular health, feeding our cells the right foods is a very important step that is done at home to support your health further.

As you are more relaxed and cells are cleared from waste materials they are ready to receive the nutrients through improved blood flow.

All organs, including the skin – our largest organ, benefit from a healthy eating pattern.

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