I had a wonderful massage with Linda yesterday. As we were chatting – couldn’t doze off with this, at times painful therapeutic treatment ☺ – she told me how she experienced my treatments.

Physical benefits
Yes Reflexology is very beneficial for our general health, it allows the body to get back on track, and it helps with pain relief, makes you breathe easier, helps with constipation, sore muscles as it helps with many other health issues but Linda’s answer acknowledged another great aspect of the treatments.

Mental benefits
What Linda told me first off is that she felt happier after each treatment! She had more energy and felt she wanted to do things that benefitted her, take charge of her life in a positive manner.
When the financial crisis hit us in 2008, I worked with a client who was right in the middle of it, as were all financiers, and he was stressed, to say the least. Not only did Reflexology help his physical health but it also allowed him to function better at work, as he was calmer in the face of this immense global crisis. It was not ‘his problem’ and acknowledging this at a cellular level made him better at his job.

Feeling more relaxed in the face of events does not make you lazy, does not stop you from caring or to be involved with what is happening, it allows you to not take it personally. When in that position, your overall health is better as long-term stress causes damage to the body.