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Analgesic effects of Reflexology

Analgesic effects of Reflexology

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Vol. 24, No. 8 Analgesic effects of Reflexology in patients undergoing surgical procedures: A randomized controlled trial Samuel Attias, Keren Sivan, Ofri Avneri, Avigail Sagee, Eran Ben-Arye, Ofra Grinberg,...

Reflexology is Effective for Backpain

Reflexology is Effective for Backpain

Causes of Backpain Backpain has many different causes and some of the risk factors, besides injuries and accidents, are age, lack of exercise, lifting the wrong way, psychological conditions and sometimes backpain has no known or obvious cause. With many things in...

The body is forgiving :)

The body is forgiving 🙂

Did you know the body is forgiving? We still need to look after it though. It is a symbiosis: you give, it takes but you take, and it gives, take a bit more and it still keeps giving AND forgiving. There is an end to this though when we take too much. There is a limit...

The Common Cold

We all have had a cold and they range from a sniffle for a few days to a blocked nose that makes it uncomfortable at night time. You end up not sleeping well, breathing through the mouth which dries it out. Many a time, even though I don’t often have a cold, have I...