Sport & Athletes

non-invasive  –  drug free  –  highly effective

Support on a physical and mental level

Sport & Athletes

Incorporating Reflexology in a fitness regime benefits an athlete on a physical and mental level. Foot Mobilization strengthens feet, improving performance. 

Treatments prepare a sports person for competition as all organs and muscles are ready to respond to the activity at an intense level.

Mental Focus 

During a treatment alpha brain waves are present, representing a restful state. Then beta brain waves kick in for 80% of people and these promote alertness. This helps with concentration during the sporting activity.


These benefit from early Reflexology treatments. The great advantage is that the injured body part doesn’t need to be touched. This is true also with an ankle or foot injury as hands, face and ears can be worked insteda. and with great benefit.

Reiki assists the healing and doesn’t require touching the injury.