What is Reiki

Often clients ask what Reiki is, how it works and what it can do. It supports a deep feeling of calmness, stress relief and it promotes healing

Reiki is a natural healing art and it doesn’t interfere with any belief system and anyone can learn it. What it does do is bring a deep sense of relaxation which is highly beneficial at all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Does Reiki heal?

Does it heal your sore knee, can you feel your depression lift or find the answer to a pressing decision you need to make?

The answer is ‘maybe’. It offers many possibilities but also has limitations.

  • Possibilities

    Reiki, as I have seen many times, is highly beneficial to support us where we need it when receiving it. When a client asks for Reiki on a sore knee, the energy certainly is directed to the knee but at the end of the session, there is often a surprised look on the client’s face as stress has eased or a pressing issue has found a way to be resolved.

  • Limitations

    When the person resists receiving the Reiki energy, it is not as beneficial.
    A single session offers the appropriate healing when it happens, regular sessions however build upon each other and offer long term support.
    Reiki is complementary and should not be used as the sole treatment in acute emergencies but it is an excellent support in that situation.


Distance Reiki

Offered in my Virtual Clinic, distance Reiki works on the fact that we are all connected energetically. We are all energy and part of the Universe and this allows a Reiki practitioner to connect to a person, a group or a geographical location. The client, the group worked on, experience the benefits of the energy that reaches them.


Effects of Reiki on Lifestyle

Life is hectic, we are ‘busier’ than ever and with the Coronavirus spreading rapidly, it is now also an anxious life for many, as everything has changed.

Anxiety affects both mental and physical health and solace is often sought in unhealthy practices to relieve the anxiety and give oneself some comfort.

The stress that has been added is reflected through mood changes, with more volatile highs and lows. This affects all cells in the body and often leads to disease. It is known that about 85% of illnesses are caused by stress and the emotion attached to the stress.

Reiki reduces theses extreme highs and lows when received regularly so you become more attuned to what serves you best. This helps to improve quality of life as you are better able to focus on important things and a sense of peace rises.


Reiki works on all living things

The energy doesn’t discriminate, it supports all cells in all living beings and things. That is how I had a beautiful experience with one of my dogs, she benefitted enormously. And this is not the only experience I had with animals.

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