Causes of Backpain

Backpain has many different causes and some of the risk factors, besides injuries and accidents, are age, lack of exercise, lifting the wrong way, psychological conditions and sometimes backpain has no known or obvious cause.

With many things in life there is reality and perception. This is also true when it comes to our health. Have you ever had backpain? It can be quite debilitating and limit daily activities and even keep us awake at night.

Backpain after an accident is a reality however, pain intensity, the exact location of it as well as the duration all vary depending on the individual’s perception of it and this varies from person to person as it involves emotional perception, how pain is experienced and on pain thresholds.

Stating the obvious, backpain is a pain

It seriously affects the quality of life of those unfortunate enough to experience this debilitating condition. Daily activities are impacted by the pain levels and when serious enough, it also affects mental health. Adding these two together and you have a life that is controlled by the pain levels experienced.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 80% of people have some level of lower back pain during their lifetime and, when this lasts longer than three months, we can talk about chronic back pain. As mentioned earlier, quality of life deteriorates as all aspects of life are affected, from the inability to engage comfortably in social interactions, play with your children, relax with family and friends to increased absences from work.

Society carries a real cost from chronic backpain but let us not forget the personal cost, it is very high as both physical and mental health are seriously impacted. This affects all those close to the sufferer.


When looking at the possible cause(s) of the pain and even taking the various perceptions into consideration, medical treatments usually do not completely control it and that is where complementary medicine can be effective.

Reflexology is one of the therapies that is very effective on the perceptual aspects of pain as pain levels were significantly reduced.

Reflexology, a holistic treatment, has a real impact on perceptual aspects of pain and its severity and is seen as an effective technique to reduce chronic backpain1. This little video shares some tips on how to self-manage lower back pain..

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