Reflexology by its nature is a wonderful tool for health prevention as it works from the inside out. It has been demonstrated over the last few decades that the body’s natural healing resources are stimulated1 during a Reflexology treatment resulting in all functions of the body to become more balanced, including hormonal function. Reflexology helps lift one’s mood which encourages us to be more proactive in our well-being.

The following statement though struck a chord:

”There’s a waiting list for treatment, but there’s no waiting list for prevention”
says Melbourne University’s Professor Rob Moodie2.

After a heart attack, about 40% of patients do not follow their doctor’s advice to change their lifestyle2. We have become complacent in the face of Western medicine, and believe that medical science will take care of all our ills and can fix us quickly without too much hassle.

The media is partly to blame as it reports the unusual and the extreme such as an IVF Mum at 50 and some research that led to a major breakthrough. Along the way the heart broken couples that gave up on a family and the serious affects of disease are not mentioned.

Asked what caused their illness, most people mention stress, it is an outside contributor so there is no need to take responsibility as stress ‘cannot’ be controlled and let’s face it, not only do most of us have stress at some stage in our lives but it is also invisible, so, easy to blame.

Lifestyle is a huge contributor to our ills. Advertising promises delicious foods and drinks that will enhance our lives. Our taste buds have been conditioned, and to be honest we have become addicted to the added ingredients, such as salt and sugar, to make the food taste good.


Prevention and Health


Taking responsibility for our own health

Are we ready – and encouraged – to look at prevention? Change the way we eat and exercise? Are we ready to put the effort in? It is said that it takes 21 days to change a habit. We can be ‘pro-active in prevention’ by eating healthy, simple foods and by exercising. These steps do not need to take hours in the kitchen or in the gym. Simple, healthy meals do not take long to prepare and walking can be pleasurable by adding a sense of fun, ask a friend to join you and/or chose an interesting walk.


Feeling better

The production of the ‘feel good’ hormones such as endorphins, serotonin and dopamine are released after exercise and eating a healthy diet. These hormones make us feel happier and they reduce anxiety and stress. The body also feels more energetic. It is worth trying for at least 21 days, the time needed to change a habit!



Last but not least, have regular treatments that will enhance your well-being, Being a Reflexologist, I certainly advocate receiving these treatments regularly as it supports body and mind which lift the spirit which in turn can motivate to implement healthy changes. Other treatments that are very beneficial are, to name just a very few: Reiki, massage, acupuncture and a nutritionist advises on a healthy, balanced diet.



If prevention were well done, you would never know if a specific problem would have appeared1.

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