boost your immune system


feel invigorated and refreshed

It is winter, temperatures have dropped and we rug up to keep warm. Our bodies need to be nourished and supported to get through these colder months with a strong immune system that helps the body deal with infections and stops us from feeling run down due to a lack of sunshine.

A number of choices help us to stay healthy and strong during these darker and colder days.


Food is medicine. Nutrients in fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, etc. feed all cells and systems in the body. Those nutrients are also found in our blood which travels to all organs. Winter may not be the time of year that you feel like drinking water but it is an important part of our diet as it hydrates, helps nutrients to travel to our organs and it helps regulate body temperature.  Through normal daily activities we lose water through sweating, passing urine, etc. and as our bodies are made up of approximately 60 to 70% water it is important to replenish this daily. The brain and digestive systems certainly benefit from a balanced diet and water intake, leaving you to feel more alert and better able to concentrate.


Through exercise blood and lymphatic fluids are pumped through the body bringing essential nutrients to all parts of the body as well as carrying waste material to those organs that eliminate them from our system such as the kidneys and the bowel.


Reflexology works from the inside out. Whilst working reflexes on the feet, hands, face, etc. I ask clients to visualize my hands reaching inside their body massaging all organs, glands and muscles individually. Through this work, the blood, hopefully already enriched by a healthy diet and exercise, is pumped to all the corners of the body. I like the image of cobwebs in those dark corners being washed away opening space for a healthy blood flow!


Do not hesitate! Book your reflexology session today, you will feel invigorated and have an increased level of energy with a strong immune system to sail through every season. Prepare a healthy meal with all fresh ingredients and drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day!

You are not near me? I am happy to help you find someone close to you, that is how passionate I am about Reflexology!


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