Reflexology has been part of my life since 1999 when I became a practitioner.

Since then, I have become more and more passionate as, daily, I see how clients benefit from a treatment.

Adding Facial Reflexology to Foot Reflexology has added an exciting and totally new dimension to my practice.

Results are clearly achieved on many different levels: physical, emotional and mental.

Ageing, I am finding, is a fascinating process. Facial Reflexology works on the whole body to promote health whilst at the same time helping facial muscles to relax. Specific techniques rejuvenate facial skin and the underlying tissues and help improved blood flow and decongestion. Ageing is a natural process and to be embraced as it happens. We can help nature though to maintain and/or obtain a fresher and healthier look naturally.

For those still young and blessed with healthy and  radiant looking skin, it is a practice that can easily be incorporated into a daily skin care routine. This helps the skin to look its best for many years to come and prevent early wrinkle formation and sagging of facial features as one ages.

Many procedures are now popular to relax wrinkles and ‘fill’ sagging skin, from Botox injections to fillers. These can make you look younger but it gradually wears off and slowly your own face re-emerges. The temptation is then high to repeat the procedure.

Drugs have side effects and today many people, including celebrities, recognize their looks, after repeated Botox and filler treatments, were no longer enhanced and even no longer seemed natural. Botox and fillers are not a long-term solution.

Why learn or receive The Natural Facelift Method? 






Why choose to learn the Natural Facelift Method techniques?

  • First and foremost, it is natural
  • Age appropriate anti-ageing
  • Prevention of early appearance of wrinkles
  • Helps prevent wrinkles and sagging
  • Rejuvenates skin and facial features
  • More radiant skin and facial expression
  • Softens wrinkles
  • There are some direct health benefits

What is involved with the Natural Facelift at home?

  • You will have the ‘tools of the trade’ at home
  • Softens wrinkles
  • Lifts sagging skin
  • Prevents early ageing skin
  • Maintain healthy and radiating skin
  • The techniques can easily be used whilst applying a moisturizer
  • It takes less than 5 minutes each day 


What is the Natural Facelift as a treatment?

  • It is based on ancient and proven techniques
  • Every treatment is customized to serve each client where needed
  • It is deeply relaxing and restorative
  • Experience some direct health benefits such as achieved with Facial Reflexology
  • It is natural and non-invasive
  • There are no side effects
  • It doesn’t interfere with the body’s natural functions
  • The Natural Facelift Treatment includes
    • Facial Reflexology which includes Asian and South American healing techniques
    • Japanese Cosmo Facelift
    • Indian Head Massage
    • The use of the Gua Sha

What happens to the skin and face?

  • Collagen and elastin production increases
  • The skin becomes firmer with increased elasticity
  • Increased blood flow improves skin health
  • Toxins and waste materials are cleared through the stimulated lymphatic system
  • Nutrients travel to each cell through improved circulation

How does the Natural Facelift compare with other available treatments?
To soften wrinkles either a substance is injected in the skin or its top layer is peeled using chemicals or laser, these are very abrasive and invasive.

These procedures can lead to infections, unwanted paralysis and other undesired side effects. Either toxins enter the body or the skin defends itself from the aggressive treatments.

The Natural Facelift is totally non-intrusive and works with your body naturally

The Natural Facelift Online Workshop 

Learn natural techniques that take less than 5 minutes a day.

Using ancient and proven techniques that stimulate the underlying facial tissues.

This results in naturally increased collagen and elastin production and the cells benefit from better hydration and improved flow of nutrients. The skin is toned naturally. Learn More