My Story

Reiki and Reflexology ‘found’ me after a challenging time in my life.

Having worked in the Corporate world for 30 years, I understand the challenges in that setting. There was something else though that I searched for. I eventually found it in my late 40’s as I faced a challenging time in my life.

Since, Reiki and Reflexology have been instrumental to my journey. Having no understanding of either and not ever having had a treatment, I was inspired from the start. I couldn’t wait to qualify so I could practice. Since then, I see clients have the benefit of the treatments and this deepened my passion. I keep up to date with clinical practice, and this helps treatments evolve.

Through the years, I have taught Reiki I, Reiki II and Reflexology. Volunteering at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre for three years, I heard patients report great benefits from treatments.

I am the creator of The Natural Facelift Method. This happened after seeing a photo of myself where what I saw didn’t match the mental image I had of myself. I saw deep wrinkles around the mouth. Using my knowledge, together with further research, I practiced on my face. I now want to empower others to Refresh | Rejuvenate facial features at home. No products required. Holistic Health workshops were created as good health supports how we feel and look

Since becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher, I obtained diplomas in Reflexology, Reflexology Lymph Drainage, Facial Reflexology and Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting. Ongoing post graduate studies include Foot Mobilization, Fertility & Maternity Reflexology, Cancer, Pain and Dien Chan Reflexology.

As a speaker, I empower others by sharing some of my life’s experiences.


Anne, overflowing with her love of reflexology, is incredibly skilled, knowledgeable, and organized.  Before I even arrived, she had looked at my ‘online booking’ medical history and plotted a facial and foot reflexology treatment based on what she knew from my form and modified it as we talked more at the session.  I was thrilled to have a combination treatment where I was introduced to facial reflexology for the first time and my mind was blown when I realized a tender spot above one of my teeth (that I thought might require some dental work but had been told by the dentist that all was well there…), actually corresponded to a meridian point for an area of pain I have been having in my sacrum!  She taught me how to relieve the pain through the facial meridian point.  If I lived in Melbourne, I would have a weekly session with Anne as I truly believe she can make a difference through her work and passion for it.

Laura Evans