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Menopause benefits from Lifestyle advice and Reflexology treatments as hormones are balanced

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What are the benefits?

As a Reiki Master using Reflexology, the benefits for your body and mind work deeply to support you where you need it. 

When we first meet, we discuss your medical history. This guides the flow of the treatment(s).

The feet tell their own story. All body parts are reflected on them and imbalances in the body may appear in the relevant reflection.

Face and ears are also worked, where appropriate, to support your body to do what it needs to do and to be as well as possible.

Reiki is always present

Each treatment focusses on what you present with on the day

What happens in your body is reflected on the feet and these areas are worked with specific techniques. This prompts the parasympathetic nervous system to respond which helps relaxation at deep level. Stimulated blood flow reaches all cells more readily carrying more nutrients.

Personally, I see that toxins, lactic acid, waste materials, etc. travel through the body. Using the proven research method Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage, the body flushes these materials more readily.

Reflexology works
on the whole body


A treatment reduces stress and anxiety thus reducing the effect of the stress hormone cortisol. All hormones then function in a balanced way that ease PMT symptoms, it may assist in boosting fertility and ease menopausal symptoms


This award winning and researched technique focuses on stimulating the lymphatic system through the feet. It causes an effect on the lymphatic system in the whole body. This benefits a broad range of health conditions including lymphoedma


The origin of pain is identified and using the Healing Triangle method, hormones are balanced, connective tissue is released, and the nervous system is balanced. Reflexology in Motion releases connective tissue and reduces tightness in muslces


Reflexology balances hormones, boosts circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system. The benefits to all cells translate in improved waste and excessive fluid removal which allows for improved distribution of nutrients through the body

The Natural Facelift

A holistic and non-invasive approach that Rejuvenates the face based on ancient and proven techniques. Skin layers benefit from improved lymph drainage and boosted circulation with improved muscle tone. Skin glows and muscles are strengthened

Stress relief

A treatment is deeply relaxing as the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, this helps body and mind to relax. Various techniques are used that work deeply on the physical and mental levels. The Reiki energy supports you where needed

Foot Mobilization

When the feet are correctly aligned and functioning, as nature intended, the incredible power of the body's restoration system can work its magic.

Foot Mobilization is a gentle hands-on manual approach which mobilizes the joints in the feet to restore normal function and posture and relieve pain. Safe and effective to help all sorts of musculoskeletal conditions which affect the feet including bunions, hammer toes, heel pain, Achilles' tendonitis, ankle issues, flat feet, high arches, arthritis in the feet, and ageing feet.

Combined with therapeutic foot exercises, it works naturally and wholistically with the body. This helps to reduce pain and inflammation while restoring foot mobility, function and posture.