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Energy Reflexology | Holistic Healing for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Menopause & Beyond

Confidence during menopause

Menopause is not an illness; it is a natural phase in your life.

Biological changes start with Peri-Menopause, transitioning into Menopause and then Beyond Menopause which is another phase in your life. Symptoms can be mild or severe. 

During menopause, reflexology helps to regulate hormones and the body's glandular functions. It helps to balance both physical and emotional systems. By targeting the hypothalamus and pituitary, reflexology assists in restoring equilibrium within the endocrine system. This can alleviate menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and anxiety.

By soothing the central nervous system, reflexology can also address sleep disturbances and reduce stress levels as well as anxiety which is experienced by many women going through menopause. Working on the thyroid helps regulate calcium and phosphorous levels in it and may help to prevent bone loss. Furthermore, reflexology supports the ovaries in managing their oestrogen production and helps the uterus maintain its natural health and flexibility.

When menopausal symptoms stop, your mind and body have changed and low hormone production still affects how you feel and how your body functions and that is where reflexology supports you then as well.