How do you get rid of forehead wrinkles? Many of the latest skin creams only provide surface solutions, but we have to get to the deeper cause of the lines on your face. We need to find out why you’re stressed, what’s going on in the body, and one of the best ways to take care of it is Reflexology.


The Connection Between Your Forehead Wrinkles and the Colon

You may be surprised to learn there is a connection between the wrinkles on your forehead and what’s going on in your gut. You might be even more surprised to learn that from your feet we can feel something’s going on in your gut and may be causing the forehead wrinkles. We do this by working the reflexes.

Reflexes are the reflection of all our body systems on the feet and hands. Working them stimulates all internal organs including the nervous system, which may help you relax, get more energy, or feel refreshed. Reflexology therefore works so well to help people feel better. We stimulate one end, and the other end responds.

Trigger points can also be found in the feet where muscles and joints can be painful due to injury and/or incorrect footwear. As the feet are worked and massaged using the specific Reflexology techniques, the muscles and joints receive the benefits as there is increased blood flow and muscles relax.

Chinese Medicine practitioners influence the Chi of the body through the meridians. They have a similar belief and see the connections within the body crisscross from the top of the forehead to the tips of the toes.

But I have to say, getting back on topic, the majority of wrinkles that show on people’s faces and foreheads come from frowning. So many people are tired, stressed, and just frustrated with their day-to-day life, and this shows up as frowning and furrowed brows.

So, what does that have to do with our colon? When we get stressed, our body tightens up, and we hold things in. This includes our gut, too. We clench down there so much that it can cause constipation, fecal impaction, and that heavy dragged down feeling. You can see it on the forehead – in those wrinkles.

Many people are irritated, snappish, and downright miserable before they have a bowel movement. Sometimes, you can even tell a big difference between both before and after.

Try it yourself. Pay attention to when you use the toilet. Take note of how you feel and what you think about before you have a good bowel movement. Then, take note of how you feel afterward. Is there a pattern? More than likely, if you’re like many of my clients, there is. And I think you’re going to be surprised by what you see.


How Reflexology Relaxes the Gut and Body

Let me tell you a little story about John. When he first started coming to me, he wanted relief from back pain. But, one of the things I found was his gut was all blocked up. And I could see it in the rest of his body. Tight bunched up shoulders, a little frown constantly on his face, and that pinched look of somebody irritated by several small things.

It was no surprise when I found tightness in his bowel. So, rather than working on his back, I focused on helping his intestines clear waste from his body. I let nature take its course and clear things out.

And I warned him what would happen.

Over the next couple of days, John told me he used the toilet several times. And, within the week, he felt much lighter, happier, and most of his back pain was gone!

It’s one of the more popular tales of my clients. When we clear things out, people are happier. And happier people look younger.


How to Clear Your Gut and Smooth Your Forehead?

You can do a little self-reflexology yourself. Simply take your fingers and rub the soles of your feet or the palm of the hands. Know which parts are sensitive, tight, or even feel a bit bumpy. Work those gently. How to work the colon on the hands

You can also use a tennis ball and roll your foot over it. And mineral baths are excellent for soaking your feet and releasing toxins.

Also, be sure to drink more water. The job of the colon is to pull water from our system and compact the waste down for natural elimination. If there’s not enough water, things get a little too compacted, and it is difficult to eliminate.

You’ll also be surprised how much more soft, smooth, and flexible your skin is when you’re properly hydrated. And the sad thing is most people don’t even realize they’re dehydrated, and no amount of skin cream is going to fix that. Many people report getting rid of wrinkles and lines just by drinking more water!

This links in well with The Natural Facelift Method, from a face reflexology perspective, massaging the face to refresh and rejuvenate it, we also work the whole body.


Wrapping It Up

The best way to truly relieve stress, and clear waste and toxins is to get a professional Reflexology session. I trained to know which areas on the feet connect to the rest of the body and how to stimulate them to encourage all organs and glands to begin their own natural healing. Working together, I can help you understand where you’re holding stress in your body and how to eliminate it. This will make you feel so much better and clearer.