I’ve had some questions recently on how to integrate other holistic practices into my client’s lives to help with constipation. Reflexology is an excellent way and can work wonders within your digestive system, but if you’re continually struggling with the food you eat, eventually, you’ll get sick.


Why Am I Constipated?

Constipation is a condition where it’s challenging to eliminate solid waste. There are a lot of different reasons for this, and we’re going to go over a few. And although there are many more reasons than just these, you should talk to your doctor or naturopath if you experience painful or frequent constipation.



When you’re stressed, tight and constricted, your entire body feels that way. It can make it hard to have a bowel movement comfortably. When everything contracts from tension, you end up holding on to everything, and this includes your waste, and waistline (i.e. can’t lose weight).



For many people, it’s either a lack of fibre or too much fibre in their diet that causes problems. Let me explain.

Fibre helps bind the waste products in your colon to form a solid mass, so it’s easier to eliminate, and it holds sufficient water so that the fecal matter is soft enough for an easier bowel movement.

If you don’t have enough fibre, it can cause a variety of problems, not just constipation. The waste might not shape up well at all, which leads to another problem. Too much fibre interferes with digestion and this leads to hard stools, certainly when not enough water is drank.

But, if there’s not enough water to form soft fecal matter, waste can get caught up in the colon and it is hard to eliminate it. This leads to increased discomfort, bloating and pain. It even affects emotions, as there is a constant heavy, full feeling that makes people miserable and cranky. So, drinking more water may help.


            Junky Foods Doing Damage

One of the leading causes of not consuming enough fibre is eating a diet high in processed foods. If we ate a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, we would consume enough natural fibre so we wouldn’t have to worry about this. We would also feel a lot less tension because our digestive system is flowing more easily, and this helps the body to absorb nutrients.

Junk food throws that off. It’s low in fibre and low in nutrients. As some ingredients have been removed and others added to either increase shelf life or ‘improve’ flavours, etc. the natural balance of nutrients in these foods has changed, and our bodies do not recognize them easily, if at all. This change in the natural balance of nutrients may cause many other problems, including preventing the absorption of nutrients, IBS, leaky gut, and adverse immune reactions.


Reflexology for Constipation and Tension

Stress and tension plague most people. Many people also believe a massage or a reflexology session can help reduce that tension.

Here’s how it works. We see the whole body projected on the feet and hands, as well as on the face and the ears. Working specific reflexes helps balance and/or stimulate the specific organs, glands and other parts of the body such as neck, knee, etc.

For example, if you have a headache, working the top of the big toes where the brain reflex is, will help release that. I would also work the neck and shoulder reflexes as when these are tight, there is restricted blood flow to the brain.

The same is true for all body systems, including the digestive system. If you are constipated, I would work a section of the arch of your foot, where the small and large intestines are reflected. This helps all muscles to relax but also stimulates the peristalsis movement of the colon. Often clients are surprised they visit the bathroom more often after a Reflexology session.

Reflexology can clear you out and make you feel lighter and happier. Scientists have shown in studies that reflexology can improve constipation, reduce anxiety, and help you feel better.

Now, let’s combine that healthy cleaning out with a proper diet so that we can avoid problems in the future.


Steps to relieve constipation

In its purest form, if you choose to eat 75% of all of your food as fresh fruits and vegetables, you’re well on your way to eating a great diet. There are many different types and varieties of eating out there, and all the healthy ones comprise eating mostly fruits and vegetables. You don’t have to go as far as being a total vegetarian, just stick to the majority fruits and vegetables.

Because you’re not following a rigid diet, it releases your tension around food. You can still enjoy fun snacks, such as an occasional treat of ice cream. These little rewards can help make your diet fulfilling.

For the last three-quarters of your diet, choose lean cuts of whole meat when you choose to eat animal protein, nuts, seeds, healthy oils, and 100% whole grains. When you start eating like this, you’re going to feel a lot better. And most importantly, hydrate, hydrate! 

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When you combine a healthy and balanced diet with taking care of your body, such as using Reflexology, the difficulties of life can seem that much easier. Reflexology Lymph Drainage stimulates the lymphatic system, and this boosts the flushing of excessive fluids, waste and toxins and your body begins to heal itself.

If you haven’t had Reflexology before, I would love you to give a try! If you are too far away from me, please be in touch and I’ll help you locate someone closer to you.

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Anne Hilarius-Ford found her passion in 1998 and has since worked with clients as a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Clinical Reflexologist in a busy private practice as well as a (past) volunteer at Peter McCallum Cancer Centre. She has taught Reiki, Reflexology and basic Aromatherapy and is the creator of The Natural Facelift Method. Anne has a strong interest in Healthy Living | Healthy Ageing and works with chef Adam Guthrie to support your health further.