Boy, will I remember that day!

I saw a photo of myself in 2013 and realized I didn’t look how I thought I looked. I kept staring at it and thought I’d look like an old prune by the age of 80.

To be honest, I have never been vain and love seeing people who show their life experiences on their faces. But here I was, judging myself harshly.

I gathered my thoughts 


knew I had the skills to do something about it

Despite believing in growing old naturally, I asked the doctor for a referral to a trusted dermatologist. I wanted to investigate what the options were to get ‘my face back’. I left knowing I did not want to walk down that path. Having a foreign substance injected in my face as well as paying lots of money to have this repeated every so many months, was not what I wanted.

With my background in Reflexology and in particular Facial Reflexology, I knew I had tools.

I was driven to improve the appearance of my face and this led me to develop the Natural Facelift. Today my face looks refreshed, more radiant and rejuvenated thanks to the techniques I have spent years researching. Now I can teach you these techniques in my Natural Facelift Workshop.

I started from a ‘damaged’ canvas, imagine if you started before you had wrinkles! They will be delayed for a long, long time!