Healthy Living | Healthy Ageing

Healthy Living  |  Healthy Ageing


Healthy Living starts early in life and impacts on our quality of life. Having said that the body is resilient and can recover from neglect.

I have always been amazed how people, who spent months in a concentration camp, were still alive and healthy in their 90’s! That really tells me the body wants to be well and will do what it can to do that. It also teaches us that fasting has many health benefits.

We have an obligation to look after our health like we look after our cars. We need to give it the right fuel, keep it moving to recharge the batteries and give it regular maintenance.

Anti inflammatory and inflammtory foods


We are what we eat

Throughout the past decades science, the media, pseudo-science, etc. told us what we can and can’t eat.

I have gone back to a simple diet. I buy what I see and know what I put in. This doesn’t mean of course that I don’t stray, of course I do, I love eating but I am making choices that agree with my thinking about what my body needs. I am lucky in that I don’t lust for sugar, soft drinks or sugar laden take away foods, I keep my meals simple and it works for me.

Fresh foods, vegetables, fruit and meat, contain many beneficial nutrients and the more varied our intake is, the better it is for our health.


Many clients’ faces tell me the word exercise doesn’t resonate with them.

Did you realize, our bodies are made to move? Yes, of course you did and it is so true, but we don’t much anymore. We don’t necessarily need to exercise but we need to move!

Through times, walking to shops, to school, up the stairs, harvesting food, hunting, following the seasons to find food was all part of our lives, our focus to stay alive.

Now we sit behind the desk, behind our computers, drive the kids to school, etc. Next time be mindful to walk to talk to your colleague, use the stairs instead of the lift.

Strong muscles

  • create body heat
  • protect bone health
  • reduce risk of injury
  • reduce risk of arthritis or osteoporosis
  • and more

Standing in the kitchen, cooking your simple meal ‘wink’, exercise:

  • Lift and lower your heels
  • Do kitchen bench presses
  • Step sideways to get the hips working
  • Roll and stretch shoulders
  • Stretch the spine, lifting from the hips upwards



A good sleep helps us to function better during the day, both physically and mentally.

  • Various hormones flow through the body at night time
    • Melatonin supports a healthy sleep pattern
    • Growth hormones help cell reproduction and regeneration so that the body can grow and repair itself
    • Cortisol, a stress hormone, decreases at night time supporting a deep rest
  • The brain is active in processing the day’s experiences. This helps emotional balance and memory creation
  • The sympathetic nervous system keeps us safe from danger and helps us to cope with stress. When we are sleeping, it is switched off and this supports heart health and lowers blood pressure as we are not in fight or flight mode to escape danger
  • The immune system functions better with a good night’s rest. It helps to fight inflammation and infection to keep the body healthy


Relaxation can take various forms and can be linked to your interests. You may like painting, reading, going for long walks and lose yourself in your chosen activity. You know your thoughts are not focussing on anything stressful, in fact you don’t think of anything. This is a wonderful space to be in.

Deep relaxation has many benefits on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

  • Meditation
    • Deeply relaxing for the whole body
    • Reduces stress
    • Controls anxiety
    • Promotes emotional health
  • Laughing
    • Decreases pain
    • Increases feel good hormones
    • Promotes muscle relaxation
    • Reduces anxiety
  • Fun activities help to focus on positives, relaxing body and mind
    • Painting
    • Reading
    • Walking

Relaxed dog Laughing Foot and Face Reflexology


Over the 20 years as a Reflexologist, I have seen clients benefit from simple lifestyle changes as well as improved mental and physical health from Reflexology treatments. Many a client apologizes for falling asleep during the treatment. I don’t see it like that but more as being in the alpha state. Why do I believe this?

When the client is in the ‘zone’ and I ask them something, they are there and when I stop talking, they are gone again. When we are asleep, and someone talks to us, our brain needs a few seconds to come back to reality and process that something was said, and we may not go back there.

If you haven’t had Reflexology, give it at least 2 to 4, ideally 6 treatments as one will not give you a clear picture of how you benefit from the body finding a new balanced way of functioning.


I am very passionate about empowering you to self-manage your health in between treatments.

The Natural Facelift Method led me to become acutely aware that it is not only about how we look as we age, it is also about the journey how we look after ourselves on many levels.

This saw the creation of

Healthy Living  |  Healthy Ageing

Reflexology – Self Management
Giving clients advice and homework between treatments is a great way to help body and mind to improve quicker and this is now supported by self-management tools. More will be added, and I am listening to your suggestions!

In good health and happy living