One of the important functions of our body is


When we eat the right foods, the body can absorb the right nutrients and eliminate the waste easily, all cells and organs are healthier and function better.

What happens when we are constipated?

When constipated, we push, and push and grunt!

Doing this pushes the pelvic floor muscles downwards and all internal organs, including the bladder, are less supported.


When we are young, oestrogen production is at its peak and helps improve muscle mass and strength. As we age though decreased production of oestrogen affects muscle strength and that is when we start to notice that bladder control is not as good as it used to be. Having children affects these muscles as well.


There is hope though through exercising the pelvic floor muscles and making sure that bowel movements are easy, and that faecal matter is soft and easy to eliminate.

If you have constipation, either regularly or occasionally, there is help. A healthy eating programme feeds the body foods it recognizes and knows what to do with whilst lifestyle and DIY techniques support this further.

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