Carers look after loved ones who are not well,  from a few weeks through an illness to a few years when there is not much promise of a good outcome.

No matter which part of the scale, it is an emotionally charged task. In that realm, it means there is a lot of emotional fatigue which translates into physical tiredness. Even though friends and family sympathize, it doesn’t take away that there is really only the two of you, there is bound to be some isolation.

Many carers forget their own health and are chronically tired. How do you cope with this and how much do you share, how much do you tell and how do you cope?

There are people whose provision it is to listen such as counselors and psychologists but do you want to talk or just zone out?

Reflexology gives a space where you do not need to talk, you can just be, disappear and feel refreshed and recharged after a treatment.

Give it a go, it is empowering. Ah and I forgot, it is also very beneficial for the person who has the illness. A reflexology treatment helps to relieve pain and nausea, it allows some time ‘alone’ without any intrusion or questions, it allows to just be and not think about what is happening and ….. there is a physical and mental benefit.