Pregnancy & Reflexology

Pregnancy & Reflexology

May 07, 2013

Conception, pregnancy and birth lead to a huge change in a couple’s life. It is important to give the body the fuel it needs to lead to a healthy start for the baby.

Diet, exercise and a positive mind set are all supportive in this experience.

Reflexology is a great tool to support this special time in life.


Preconception care prepares body and mind for the miracle of conceiving, developing and birthing a baby. Ideally both partners take part in this preparation at least four months prior to trying to conceive as this provides the best chance for the sperm and egg to be healthy.

Some of the things to eliminate

-         Pollutants such as chemical house cleaners

-         Stress: meditation, relaxation and deep breathing are useful

-        Sugars, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine

-        Soft drinks including flavored water

-        Processed foods

Some of the things to include

-      A healthy diet including vegetables, fruit, and a balanced ratio of protein,

carbohydrates and good fats. Eat organic where possible.

-      Exercise: walking at least three times a week is a great start.

Any strenuous exercise needs to be discussed with the doctor/obstetrician/midwife.


Things to consider

-      Discuss any medication taken as they may affect fertility and later the growing fetus

Maternity Reflexology

Maternity Reflexology is a specialist modality under the umbrella of general reflexology. Many midwives in Australia and overseas are now using these techniques (Rusten, 2010).

The treatments cover all aspects of pregnancy including infertility, conception, pregnancy, birth and post partum care. 


Reflexology can help by

-      Stimulating ovulation

-      Removing stress and emotional blocks to conception

-      Regulating periods and PMT

-      Male sub-fertility

When having IVF treatments, Reflexology offers deep relaxation, which is important in that phase. This often supports the body to have the right hormonal balance when the time comes to harvest the eggs.

During pregnancy

Most women have a wonderful pregnancy with some fatigue in the first trimester as the hormones change many body systems to accommodate the growing baby and to prepare for birth. Some conditions may appear which can be helped with Reflexology.

Some of these are:

-      Fatigue, morning sickness and postnatal depression

-      Oedema

-      Pain and discomfort of the symphysis pubis (pubic joint)

-      Lower back pain

-      Cramps in the legs

-      Diabetes and gestational diabetes

Along with relaxation, Reflexology supports and empowers mothers-to-be so that they are relaxed and their bodies are ready to deliver their babies. Research shows this may result in shorter deliveries.


Birthing raises many emotions and physical sensations. Reflexology has a balancing and restoring quality that supports the new mother at this amazing time.


Reflexology is also beneficial for

-      Post Natal Depression (PND), also as prevention

-      Exhaustion

-      Difficulty with lactation

Baby Reflexology

Reflexology helps babies who are suffering from

-      Colic

-      Constipation

-      Reflux

-      Sleeping difficulties


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