Yes, this is not a misnomer! When we see someone’s face glowing and radiating, we know they are in a great space emotionally and mentally AND this has a direct impact on health!

Can we achieve this ourselves? Yes! The Natural Facelift Method (NFL) stimulates all skin layers. Doing this, the skin radiates as

  • congestion is cleared
  • blood flow is improved
  • elastin and collagen production is stimulated.

This strengthens the skin naturally, giving it volume and fullness.

How can we support healthy skin?

Skin being our largest organ, reflects how healthy we are, and we can take steps every day to feed it well.

  • eating a healthy diet
  • hydration
  • leading a healthy lifestyle
  • having a positive outlook on life

Facial Reflexology, The Natural Facelift Method AND Health

The whole body is projected on the face and, massaging and stimulating every aspect of it, we help improve general wellbeing.


Clients have reported feeling alive, refreshed and more focussed following a treatment or when working their own face.

Some feedback after using NFL

  • Have you had a holiday?
  • Did you have some work done?
  • Wow, you look so good!
  • Cleared sinuses
  • Headache is gone
  • Tight jaw is more relaxed
  • Congestion is resolved
  • Vision is clearer

And, you look Refreshed and Rejuvenated naturally at the same time!

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