Aroma Blends

My vision is that each and every product is a useful tool with the individual in mind.

All products are free from toxic and synthetic chemicals, including the hand sanitizer. Each product has been formulated and hand-crafted by me. The oils used are 100% pure and unadulterated and they come from highly reputable sources within the industry. This ensures that each product contains the full complexity of each essential oil which benefits your health and wellbeing.

A hand crafted immune booster that contains beautiful anti-viral and anti-infectious essential oils.

A stronger immune system offers protection from infection.

Free from synthetic chemicals, non drying on the skin and leaves hands feeling soft.

Ingredients have anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties

Research shows Olive Squalane stimulates blood circulation and increases hydration of cells.

Cell rejuvenation is stimulated decreasing fine wrinkles, and … more!

Light nourishing and moisturizing body and face lotion. Can be used as make-up remover.

Quickly absorbed by the skin, it leaves it feeling soft and moisturized.