The Natural Facelifter

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They now call me The Natural Facelifter


Refresh | Rejuvenate | Restore

facial features naturally


The Natural Facelift treatment

  • works all skin layers
  • massages facial muscles to activate and strengthen them
  • boosts circulation, lymph and blood
    • clearing congestion
    • eliminating toxins
  • cells absorb nutrients
  • boosts collagen and elastin production naturally

Using a combination of proven ancient and current techniques, the treatment is deeply relaxing and supports physical and emotional wellbeing as specific points are worked.

As a treatment, it can be tailored to address some health concerns such as stress, insomnia and fatigue.

Online Workshop

After successfully Refreshing and Rejuvenating my face, I created my signature course The Natural Facelift Method that empowers you to do the same in the comfort of your own bathroom. This does not involve any invasive or expensive procedures  or product.

A photo jolted me into action

Who I saw did not match the mental image I had of myself. I am sure many people have the same experience. Using knowledge gained over many years working with natural therapies, I jumped into action and researched how to help my skin and face to regain some of the younger and fresher looks I remembered.

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