Healthy Living | Healthy Ageing

Healthy Living  |  Healthy Ageing

My passion is to support you to be

the best version of yourself naturally, inside and out

It has taken me 30 years since High School to find what I knew was waiting for me, but even after searching all this time, I couldn’t find what it was. It took an emotional upheaval in my life, when my marriage ended, to find it! This started with being introduced to a dear friend’s Reiki Master.

As a young child I was exposed to natural healing but moving countries when I was 8, we lost touch with this amazing healer. Becoming a Reiki channel in 1997 started my new journey.

Even though I had not heard of Reflexology and never even experienced a treatment, I enrolled for the introductory weekend. This was in 1999! I was blown away by the impact it had, not only on me but also on the other students. I literally couldn’t wait to graduate so I could support others, a journey I still love.

In 2013 I saw a photo of my face that was a light bulb moment! Who I saw didn’t match the mental image I had of myself, there were wrinkles all around the mouth and the skin was hollow and dry looking.


Ageing is a very interesting process, I tell you!

Using my knowledge as a Facial Reflexologist, and doing further study and research, I trialled the techniques that led to the creation of The Natural Facelift Method. I successfully refreshed, and rejuvenated, my face naturally.

Yes, I must be honest here, I was tempted by a quick fix, but knew this was first of all not for me and second, I didn’t feel comfortable having a foreign substance introduced to my body. Having said this, I respect anyone’s choice for doing so.

I still work on my face every day. Am I vain? Probably a little LOL, but I also have come to realize a few things around ageing.

One of the realizations is that when we are young, we don’t know how healthy and beautiful we look. And I would love to scream this from all roof tops to all young people who doubt themselves:



It is not something we know until a bit older. I now admire the health, beauty and freshness of youth but do not envy it as I love my life experiences, what I have learned and what I have achieved. All this is so much more important than how we look.

When I still see some wrinkles on my face, I know it is all about Healthy Living | Healthy Ageing and that is how my passion grew further, it is to empower others to lead as healthy a life as is possible without it taking buckets of time from daily activities.

Now, at 69, that passion has deepened and evolved further over the past 3 to 4 years as I developed my practice and offerings further.

The past few years, even though I am ‘old’, I have grown as a person, pushing my boundaries and getting out of my comfort zone, I keep learning and developing, and I love it! I am grateful to my children, teachers and clients who have taught me and still teach me so much. The vision I have of the future is that I can continue to contribute and support others.

I now am ready to share my life experiences to empower others to be the healthiest and best version of themselves.