Menopause is a time in a woman’s life, yours and mine, where big changes happen.

Since puberty, we learned to get used to our cycle, be it regular or regularly irregular, it was ours, we felt comfortable with it.

I found that a few days before my period was due, I had the urge to clean, which is really nesting in the event I were to be pregnant. What I found fascinating as well, is that I had that same urge to clean when it was full moon. The moon’s energy is powerful, it dictates many natural events such as the ocean’s tides.


As the moon has an influence on the oceans which contain lots of water, it is not surprising it has an influence on us human beings as we are comprised of mostly water and therefore the influence of the moon on our emotions, brain and body happens in ways we may not be aware of.

Research does not necessarily agree on how the moon has an influence on our behaviour, however, talk to a hospital or the law enforcement. They see an increase in numbers when it comes to injuries or criminal activity as the moon is full.

When we share a home with other women, our cycles synchronize with them, I find that fascinating and very tribal.


As we reach menopause, these influences change and may disappear totally, as it has for me. I have no longer the urge to clean. I do, and I don’t miss that! No longer having children at home, or a dog, it is not that important.

This is of course just a minor adjustment. We are all unique and different and therefore, some of us will have an easier time than others going through this amazing time.

Are you grieving the loss of your fertility, how your body felt, how your mind functioned? It can happen, however, don’t despair, I promise that when you come out of menopause, your body is yours again. Your emotions no longer fluctuate, your sleep may have improved by now as may have your energy levels.


The definition says: ‘a woman who rules or dominates a family or group’.

The mother rules or dominates the family; the matriarch however is the grandmother who shares her wisdom, offers support and is, often, not bound to tasks, rules or duty and is available to support younger ones in the family or community.

Having said this, many of us remain very active with either work, volunteering or seeing friends and travel. Doing this, you may have less time for the children and grandchildren. Don’t feel guilty though, it is great for your children to know you are living life! They like to see you engaged with life, even if it means you have less time for them.

Somehow, there is a psychological shift as well. Past menopause, women are freer in how they do things and how they communicate. It is much easier to share our thoughts as well as sharing some experiences.

One thing we need to remember though, is that things were often not better when we were younger! Every generation does things differently and the older generation may not be comfortable with that.

I’d love to hear how you experience menopause and the various hurdles we face.