About Anne

Leaving High School, I searched for 30 years for what I wanted to do. I knew there was something out there, but I couldn’t find it. I kept working in the Corporate world and gave up looking as my children deserved my focus. In my late 40’s, my marriage came to an end. A friend brought me to her Reiki Master and that is when my journey of discovery started.   Becoming a Reiki channel, I investigated Reflexology. I then knew nothing about it, never even had a treatment. The introductory weekend in 1999 blew my mind. I enrolled and couldn’t wait to be qualified so I could practice. This was in 2000. Now 69, that passion has deepened and evolved further. The past 3 to 4 years I developed my practice and offerings further.   Besides clinical practice, I have taught Reiki I, Reiki II and Reflexology and offer online workshops.   My life’s journey and the personal development I experienced in the past 20 years have put me in an amazing place. Pushing my boundaries and getting out of my comfort zone, I keep learning and I love it! I am grateful to my teachers and clients who have taught me and teach me so much.   I am speaking to empower others to be the healthiest and best version of themselves. 🙏❤️


Reiki Master/Teacher
Advanced Certificate of Reflexology
Diploma Reflexology
Certificate Reflexology Lymph Drainage, ‘Approved RLD Practitioner’
Diploma Facial Reflexology  SorensensistemTM   I, II, III, IV & V 
Diploma Japanese Cosmo FacialLifting
Certificate Foot Mobilization
Certificate Clinical Aromatherapy Post graduate
Certificate Fertility & Maternity Reflexology
Certificate Reflexology and Cancer
Certificate Pain and Reflexology
Certificate Dien Chan Reflex Professional memberships
Reflexology Association of Australia
Victorian Branch:
2014 – 2015: Chair & Treasurer
2015 – 2016: Acting Chair
2014 – 2017: Education Officer
Australian Reiki Connection Award
Outstanding Achievement Award
April 2017 from the Reflexology Association of Australia (RAoA)
In recognition to fulfilling the roles of an entire team and in keeping together the Victorian Branch of the Reflexology Association of Australia during 2015 and part of 2016. Book Appointment Anne Hilarius-Ford from Energy Reflexology is a highly experienced Reflexologist Reflexology Association of Australia Lymph Drainage Approved Practitioner Reflexology reduces stress and pain, boosts the immune system, balances hormones and improves blood circulation/lymphatic flow Anne, overflowing with her love of reflexology, is incredibly skilled, knowledgeable, and organized.  Before I even arrived, she had looked at my ‘online booking’ medical history and plotted a facial and foot reflexology treatment based on what she knew from my form and modified it as we talked more at the session.  I was thrilled to have a combination treatment where I was introduced to facial reflexology for the first time and my mind was blown when I realized a tender spot above one of my teeth (that I thought might require some dental work but had been told by the dentist that all was well there…), actually corresponded to a meridian point for an area of pain I have been having in my sacrum!  She taught me how to relieve the pain through the facial meridian point.  If I lived in Melbourne, I would have a weekly session with Anne as I truly believe she can make a difference through her work and passion for it.
Laura Evans