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The Clinic is now located in Coolangatta, QLD

 What is Offered


Lymphatic Drainage

A researched technique that focusses on the lymphatic system. Excessive fluids and waste materials are flushed.

Hormonal Balance

Hormones are balanced and circulation is boosted. This helps us at all stages in life, including conception.

Immune System

The immune system is boosted. This is both a preventative measure and helps the body to recover from illness.


Reflexology helps relax & balance body & mind

We see all parts of the body reflected on feet, hands, face and ears. Working these accesses all body systems, inluding the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems. 

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Let's Hear What Others Are Saying


" For me, Anne has been, in the real sense of the words, a life saver. When I first saw her I had been struggling for 9 months to deal with an ‘undiagnosed illness’ which had seen me in and out of coronary care 5 times, with pericardial effusions (fluid around the sacs of the heart) and what was thought to be some kind of viral vasculitis that resulted in near organ failure. Without Anne’s help and incredible skill there is no doubt, in both my mind and that of my specialists that I would not have made the kind of recovery, in speed, and strength I have which includes returning to work."

Jennifer Cook


" Anne, overflowing with her love of reflexology, is incredibly skilled, knowledgeable. I was thrilled to have a combination treatment where I was introduced to facial reflexology and my mind was blown when I realized a tender spot above one of my teeth (that I thought might require some dental work but had been told by the dentist that all was well there…), actually corresponded to an area of pain I have been having in my sacrum! If I lived in Melbourne, I would have a weekly session with Anne as I truly believe she can make a difference through her work and passion for it"

Laura Evans

Lymphatic Drainage

" Dear Anne, I just wanted to thank you for the Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage you did on me a few days after my flu injection. Straight after the injection my left foot tingled, then my neck and lower back hurt. My arm became very sore and I was very fatigued. When I saw you I still couldn’t use my arm and felt really exhausted. As you did my treatment I felt tingling throughout my whole body. After the treatment my arm and energy were 80% better! I slept really well and woke up feeling like myself again with no arm pain. Thank you so much for the magical RLD treatment."

Kath, Bendigo

Holiday Boost

"On the three occasions I have visited Melbourne I have had a treatment from Anne. I was very impressed by her knowledge, skills and caring approach. After each session I felt so relaxed and really wished that Anne lived nearer me! I particularly enjoyed my first facial reflexology session and, as a reflexologist myself, this experience led to a renewed interest in the advantages of different types of reflexology. Anne’s kindness and friendly manner gave me a wee boost when so far from home, and added something special to each of my trips to Australia. I am sorry she is leaving Melbourne, but wish her all the best in Queensland!

Kayren Hall, Crail, Scotland

Here're Some Results Clients Experience

Improved foot flexibility & mobility

Foot Mobilization

Pain reduction

Reflexology in Motion

Improved Quality of Life

Healing Ability


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What Clients Find Interesting To Read

Pain & Reflexology

Pain is a biological experience and impacts the nervous and endocrine systems. Balancing hormones eases pain sensation as this action calms the nervous system.

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Reflexology & Neurons

When working reflexes on the feet, neurons are stimulated. Signals are sent to all cells, clearing congestion, which facilitates healing and relaxation.

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Foot Mobilization

Gentle mobilization creates space and improved mobility within the 33 foot joints. Pain is reduced and stiffness is alleviated. Walking and running become more comfortable.

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