energy healing where you need it


Reiki heals Body, Mind & Spirit

Reiki is an ancient healing art, and does not interfere with medical procedures or religious preference. The energy works on our complete being, supporting us physically and on a personal and spiritual level.

Reiki is ever present during treatments and sometimes used as a stand-alone. This may vary from 10 minutes after Facial Reflexology to a full treatment on the body, depending on your request and/or what the need is.

The energy is different with each session as it gives you exactly what you need at that particular moment so it is no surprise to sometimes feel a lot of energy and other times very little, it is still there. Reiki seeks the source of discomfort and works with the mind/body connection.

Feedback is that at times my hands feel very hot or cold and at other times they seem to blend with your body. Another experience is that, after I have left the room, my hands are still being felt.

I have loved teaching Reiki I and Reiki II for many years but I no longer can offer the support you deserve. Do you want to become a Reiki channel? Contact me for a recommendation. Treatments though are always available.

Distance Healing

With COVID-19 putting restrictions on our movements, distance healing is so powerful. There are many reasons to have a session. You may have challenges with your health – physical, emotional or mental – and wish to ease these. As we are all interconnected, the Reiki energy supports healing from a distance as you make yourself comfortable in your own space. Diffuse the stress and anxiety you may feel during these challenging times, book a session for increased wellbeing.

How Reiki helped my beautiful dog

My Maremma  dog had unexplained hip pain when she was 8 years old. Getting to standing position was slow and obviously very painful. A prescribed anti-inflammatory did not help. One evening, I did half an hour Reiki on her ‘bad’ hip. Coming home from work the next day, she jumped up and down with lots of energy and very happy!
The pain was gone and never came back. She lived for another 3 years.

The Effects of Reiki

  • treats minor ailments as well as chronic disease
  • detoxifies the body
  • reduces and/or eliminates stress
  • speeds up the healing process and supports the body’s natural ability to heal
  • provides calmness, inner peace, deep joy and serenity
  • clears energy blocks
  • vitalizes body and mind, balances the body’s energy